Why Voice/Audio Home Search?

We've been asked why we think voice home search is so great. Why would it complel anyone to switch from Zillow.

The primary benefits are speed and ease of use.

Speed  A user can intone "Find me homes in the Sandalwood area of Jacksonville that have 3 bedrooms and an office for under 300,000" in about 8 seconds. I tried the same search on Zillow and it took more than 45 seconds.Or even "Jacksonville 3 bedroom homes" took less than 3 seconds to say.

The app updates the filter on result - so subsequent iterations , like trying 4 bedrooms does not require another voice search. The user can now manipulate the filter if s/he chooses.

Ease of use. Many people over 40 type one finger at a time on a phone, so typing keywords, areas, even cities (with autocomplete) can be slow and definitely slower than just spitting out what you want.

Accessibility. Essentially ease of use above expands into accessibility for users with arthritis or other hand / arm limitations.   You could also consider the issue of accessibility for the visually impaired. Audio would be much simpler than trying to navigate a phone keyboard.

Competition. The advent of personal assistants like Alexa and Google Home have spawned a couple of takers in the real estate arena. I have found them to be very slow, with Alexa asking numerous questions, there probably is a market brewing there and would be good to provide a more viable alternative as a native phone app.

A native voice enabled app has numerous advantages over Alexa: the properties can be displayed on the map on the screen, click and get property details including images, no need to redo the search just to change the bedrooms, price, etc. Much, much faster!